BLOG - Doubly Vigilant: Resolving Our Role as Users
In this post, our guest blogger, COL Greg Conti, Director of the Army Cyber Institute discusses the evolving role of the user in cybersecurity. One of the challenges created by the ubiquity of Internet connected devices we use every day is the manner in which we interact with our devices as different user roles. If you are at work, on the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN), chances are you are a general user, with very little ability to alter your system other than through ordinary use. Even as an information security specialist and cyber officer, my current workstation restricts me to the rights and privileges afforded to any other general user.
Information Technology Approval System (ITAS) Replaces Goal One Waiver 20 November 2015
The Information Technology Approval System (ITAS) tool will replace the Goal One Waiver as the Army's primary means to simplify the waiver process for IT policy compliance. ITAS will not only simplify the user experience, it will streamline approvals and provide data mining and reporting capabilities which don't exist in the Goal One Waiver system.
Army Modernizes With an Eye Toward Defensewide Efforts
The service's CIO shares that signal and cyber forces must join with industry to maintain information technology dominance. The U.S. Army is working to team with industry and the other services to update its information technologies amid a greater emphasis on cyber. A multiyear plan establishing short- and long-term goals serves as the campaign map, but obstacles remain if the Army is to achieve its aims.
Army Releases Commercial Cloud Policy
WASHINGTON D.C. (July 30, 2015) The Army recently released a policy for migration to commercial cloud service providers. This policy complements the successful release of the Army Cloud Strategy in March, and for the first time provides a defined path for acquiring and using Commercial Cloud Services Providers (CSPs).
Army Enterprise Network Vision
  A secure, integrated, standards-based environment that ensures uninterrupted global access and enables collaboration and decisive action throughout all operational phases across all environments.  
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Doubly Vigilant: Resolving Our Role as Users

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