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Sep 20

Written by: CIO/G-6
9/20/2011 12:07 PM  RssIcon

On September 6th, the NETCOM/9th SC(A) Commanding General, MG Jennifer Napper, lifted the “operational pause” for the Army's migration to DoD Enterprise Email (EE). To date, the Army has migrated over 105,000 users' mailboxes to DISA-provided EE services. You probably do not know this number includes several thousand users in other Services and DoD Components. As we migrate Combatant Commands in Europe, DoD users will continue to migrate.

In September, migrations will move forward at Deseret Chemical Depot, Tooele Army Depot, White Sands Missile Range, Fort Carson, Fort Jackson, Hawaii and Europe. In addition, we will continue to conduct “clean up” migrations at Ft. Lee, Ft. Leavenworth, and other installations that have since migrated. If you have a CAC you can access the Enterprise E-Mail operational planning team (OPT) portal at: https://ascsp.osc.army.mil/sites/NETCOM/Enterprise%20Dashboard%20HTML/(EE).aspx.

I recently received the below update from MG Napper, sent to Army leadership about the decision to come out of the pause and the way ahead. Her leadership continues to be invaluable as we move forward and we’re lucky to have her on the team. MG Napper wrote:

“During the operational pause, the EE team (consisting of our planning team, engineers, Theater Signal Commands and their NOSCs, DISA, and Microsoft) led the synchronization of engineering efforts to isolate systemic network performance problems and fix identified issues.

The team focused on FIXING customer issues, REFINING and VALIDATING TTPs, TRAINING our customers and IT support personnel in the execution of Pre and Post Migration execution tasks, and IMPLEMENTING improvements in the network infrastructure.

We placed particular focus on the CUSTOMER to NEC interface with special emphasis on ensuring our customers feel positive and confident in this new capability. We validated procedures and processes in place, executed rehearsals, created TTPs and flow charts for problem resolution by scenario, and implemented NetOps escalation procedures.

Recently, the FT Lee and FT Leavenworth migrations to EE were seamless and the user experience, as measured by trouble tickets and Brigade input, has been very good. Our focus on preparations will serve us well as we move forward.

As a result of our efforts, we are prepared to resume migrations and are positioned to return to a migration pace that should result in a 2QFY12 completion of Army NIPRNet users. However, rest assured that we will migrate users to standard and not to time. As we exit this pause, I ask for your continued command emphasis to ensure the human and organizational discipline remains in place to execute this critical mission.

My team will closely monitor our migrations during September to ensure that my assessments were accurate. Our October schedule is ambitious, but the Army and DISA EE migration team is poised for the Pacific, Europe, and CONUS locations scheduled for migration. As with any new implementation, we will encounter challenges along the way. What we do when the challenges arise is what defines us as a team.

Our migration to Enterprise Email is an Army mission mandated by the CSA. The key to customer satisfaction is close interaction and effective communication throughout their migration experience. I want to thank you for your patience, understanding, and leadership as we execute this important Army mission.

Together we will accomplish our mission; together we will succeed.”

I couldn't agree more.



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