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Apr 2

Written by: CIO/G-6
4/2/2015 12:30 PM  RssIcon

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Army Cloud Computing Strategy. The Army is working with key mission partners to enable success of a cloud-enabled network in support of a globally responsive and regionally aligned force. We are modernizing our network and developing processes and procedures to leverage approved DoD, federal and commercial cloud service providers. The key to our success is ensuring the services offered, align to mission requirements and provide the security controls necessary to protect critical information against known and emerging threats.

Transitioning to cloud-based solutions and services advances the Army’s long-term objective to reduce our ownership, operation and sustainment of hardware and other commoditized information technology (IT). Procuring these capabilities as services will allow the Army to focus resources more effectively to meet evolving mission needs. Over time, this transition will increase IT operational efficiency, network security, and agility. It will improve interoperability with our mission partners and posture the Army to adopt innovative technology quicker and at lower cost.

The Army CIO/G-6 is currently working on a Commercial Cloud Services Provider policy guidance to be published within the coming weeks. This policy guidance supports the Under Secretary of the Army memorandum (Migration of Army Enterprise Systems/Applications to Core Data Centers) that was published 09 June 2014 and DoD CIO memorandum (SUBJECT: Updated Guidance on the Acquisition and Use of Commercial Cloud Computing Services) that was published 15 December 2014. It reinforces rationalization, outlines requirements for acquisition and use of off premises commercial CSPs, and provides a high-level overview of the Army applications migration process flow.

While we are excited about the opportunities that accompany this dynamic shift in the way the Army develops, acquires and delivers IT capabilities and services, we are also aware it comes with significant challenges and inherent risks. We must take care not to compromise the mission by unrealistically trading the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data and information in pursuit of the benefits the cloud may offer.

Ultimately, our success will depend on the commitment and teamwork of our industry and mission partners around the globe. Significant investments will be required to improve the capacity and security of network infrastructure; and to modernize, prepare and migrate applications. Equally important, the potential vulnerabilities of and impacts to expeditionary operations in highly contested and inevitably degraded communication environments must be carefully and continuously assessed, then weighed against the advantages of adopting cloud technologies.

The Army Cloud Computing Strategy and the Army Network Campaign Plan, along with other key strategic documents, outline efforts that posture the Army for success in a complex world. I am confident the transition to cloud-based solutions and services will enable the Army to successfully provide the robust network necessary for our warfighters anytime, anywhere.

Army Strong!

Mr. Gary C. Wang

Deputy CIO/G-6


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