Army Releases Commercial Cloud Policy
WASHINGTON D.C. (July 30, 2015) The Army recently released a policy for migration to commercial cloud service providers. This policy complements the successful release of the Army Cloud Strategy in March, and for the first time provides a defined path for acquiring and using Commercial Cloud Services Providers (CSPs).
Enterprise Email: Reducing Mailbox Size to under 4GB
For information about how to validate your mailbox size, and steps on how to reduce it if necessary, click here.
UPDATED: AKO Email Forwarding Now extended to 30 Sept.
As many as 1.5 million email users in the Army today have set their AKO email accounts to forward, either to their enterprise email account or another government account. Likewise, over 700 applications use AKO addresses to maintain their user databases and send notifications out to their customers. Ending all forwarding of mail to AKO addresses as planned, on 30 June 2015, would significantly impact the operations of the Army, both stateside and overseas.
Twilight Tattoo Means Great Summer Fun
WASHINGTON D.C. (June 17, 2015) A large crowd from across the country came out to see the U.S. Army Military District of Washington's Twilight Tattoo hosted by Lt. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell, Chief Information Officer and the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6, held on Summerall Field, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va. The evening's Twilight Tattoo was dedicated to the proud men and women of the United States Army Signal Corps! Founded on June 21, 1860.
The Army Cloud Computing Strategy
WASHINGTON D.C. (March 25, 2015) The Army announces the launch of The Army Cloud Computing Strategy that is designed to establish and communicate the Army’s vision and approach for transitioning to a cloud-enabled network, to improve mission and business effectiveness, increase operational information technology (IT) efficiencies and protect Army data and infrastructure.
Army CIO/G-6 Network Campaign Plan
WASHINGTON D.C. (Feb. 4, 2015) The Army announces the launch of the Army Network Campaign Plan with its accompanying implementation guidance that provides a roadmap, establishes priorities and sets conditions for the Network of 2020 and Beyond. It answers the Army Operating Concept call for developing and modernizing “capabilities, such as cloud-enabled networks for mobile operations in austere environments and across wide areas.”
Army Enterprise Network Vision
  A secure, integrated, standards-based environment that ensures uninterrupted global access and enables collaboration and decisive action throughout all operational phases across all environments.  
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