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By CIO/G-6   on 2/12/2015 10:25 AM

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Army Network Campaign Plan (ANCP) As the Army continues to be regionally aligned and globally responsive, our network must adapt to meet the business and operational needs of commanders across the full range of military operations in a joint, interagency and multinational environment.  

We are already making great progress toward achieving our vision of a secure, integrated, standards-based information environment by taking a joint approach to information technology acquisition, ownership and administration, and the delivery of end-to-end enterprise capabilities. By becoming inherently joint, are reducing redundancy and closing security gaps within LandWarNet. We will also continue to leverage industry advances in cloud and mobile technologies to create a global network that is a platform for dominant cyberspace operations. While I am extremely proud of our progress to date, there is clearly much left to do.

By CIO/G-6   on 12/22/2014 4:35 PM
It’s the time of year to make our New Year’s resolutions. I can tell you two of mine right now: to memorize all the new acronyms the Army is throwing my way and to add some more green to my wardrobe. This is my first blog post as the Army’s Deputy Chief Information Officer. Up until this point, professionally I’ve been a Navy guy and an OSD-er so I owe a huge “thank you!” to the members of the CIO/G-6 team that helped me transition. Because of their professionalism, I was not surprised to learn that 2014 was an impressively busy and productive year for the organization.


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