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On this site you will find information about windows 10 courses for end users and technical personnel (IATI, II, IIII) working in a windows 10 environment. The training is accessible through Army SkillPort – a portal that has over 2500 Information Technology and security courses. Contractors working on an IT service contract can request access to Army skillport by filling out the contractor skillport request form located on the Army Training and Certification Tracking System homepage under “documents”. The URL is

Personnel in technical III positions managing a windows 10 environment must obtain a commercial certification.

Per DoD 8570.01-M: C3. In addition to the IA baseline certification requirement for their level, IATs with privileged access must obtain appropriate Computing Environment (CE) certifications for the operating system(s) and/or security related tools/devices they support as required by their employing organization.

Below you will find the title of the courses for end users and technical personnel.

End Users

This training is not mandatory.

All registered Army Skillport users will have access to the below courses. Courses are located in the CIO/G6 folder name “Computing Environment Training.”

  • Introduction to Windows 10 (1 Hour, 57 Minutes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Signing In and First View (37 Minutes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Hardware, Software, and Security Settings (48 Minutes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Customizing Windows 10 (1 Hour, 1 Minute)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 First Look: Interface and New Features (42 Minutes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 End User: New Features (35 Minutes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 First Look: Configuration (33 Minutes)

More end-user training and information is available through Microsoft Virtual Academy.

  • Why Windows 10 Matters
  • IT Professionals Getting Value from Windows 10
  • Preparing Your Infrastructure for Windows 10
  • What's New in Windows® 10
  • Accelerate deployment of Windows 10 at scale
  • Do Great Things With Windows 10
Implementation Group
Training will be provided to IMOs, SAs, and Helpdesk teams and will include hands-on training modules. This training is being prepared by NETCOM, and Microsoft personnel will lead the training at various sites in each theater.
Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level I and II Technician

Personnel in IAT I and II positions managing a Windows 10 environment as their primary duty can take the training below to meet the Computing Environment requirement per DoD 8570.01-M.

Personnel in IAT III shall take the below training to enhance their knowledge but must take the commercial exam to meet the computing environment requirement. Training is located on Army SkillPort under the CIO/G6 folder within the Computing Environment folder.

Course Title: CIO-G6 NETCOM IA - Microsoft Specialist Windows 10 – Configuring Windows Devices Subcourses:

  • Introduction to Windows 10
  • Deploy Windows 10 with New and Traditional Tools
  • Configure Devices and Disks in Windows 10
  • Configure Networking and Remote Connections in Windows 10
  • Maintain Windows 10 and Configure Virtualization Technologies in Windows 10
  • Configure User Data in Windows 10
  • Configure Authentication and Secure Identities in Windows 10
  • Threat Resistance Technologies in Windows 10
  • Data Protection in Windows 10
  • Install and Manage Windows 10 Applications and Universal Windows Apps
  • Manage Windows 10 Devices

Course title: CIO/G-6 NETCOM IA – 70-698 – Installing and Configuring Windows 10 is still missing 3 sub courses. 70-698 course consist of a total of 8 courses. The tentative date for completion of the three courses is between Jun – Aug 2017. Do not take the courses until all sub courses are included. Courses currently in Army Skillport:

  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Operating System and Application Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting connectivity and Data Storage
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Authentication, Permissions, and Data Security
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Hardware, Performance, and Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Client Compliance and Managing Clients

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