Army CIO/G-6 Priorities

  • Network Modernization is a tenet of the Army’s readiness and modernization priorities and will enable protected access the network anywhere at anytime, from the end points to the enterprise.
  • With continued focus on our workforce, technology, policy, and military battlespace standpoint, network modernization efforts will set the conditions to ensure data protection and advanced technologies integration.
  • The Army's movement to a hybrid enterprise commercial cloud hosting environment will enhance speed of decision-making to enable data protection, cybersecurity resiliency, and data analysis capabilities.
  • Army’s advancement to the cloud will:
    • Enhance data protection and accessibility
    • Increase lethality at echelon
    • Generate reinvestment opportunities that enable future modernization
    • Improve decision accuracy and increase decision speed to meet our warfighters’ emerging needs
  • The Army’s greatest asset is our people, and our workforce continues to be instrumental in maintaining our advantage in this renewed era of great power competition.
  • Army CIO/G-6 is aligning the IT workforce to capitalize on technological advances, while educating, developing, retaining, and recruiting the best and brightest talent today and for the future.
  • Cybersecurity has evolved from singularly defending the network to dually defending the network and data, wherever it resides.
  • Army CIO/G-6 is fortifying the cybersecurity posture of all Army critical infrastructure and weapons systems to ensure mission readiness and operational success.
  • The Army is testing commercial solutions for multi-factor authentication to enable secure access to Army systems and data while lessening the burden on Soldiers and mission partners.
  • Army CIO/G-6 remains committed to balancing federal efficiency and budget reduction goals, while enabling the Army to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Through exercising IT fiscal discipline, Army CIO/G-6 ensures budgets specifically link to IT investment strategies with visibility of all Army IT expenditures and programs.